Corporate Social Responsibility

Patras Port Authority S.A., (O.L.P.A.) is an organisation inextricably connected with the society in which it operates, influencing and being influenced by the conditions prevailing in the era and in the field of its activity.

Fully acknowledging its share of responsibility to society and the environment and respecting the principles and the values characterising our culture (the respect to men – human dignity and the provision of equal opportunities, the respect to the environment we inherited and the improvement of the living standard and the quality of life), O.L.PA. proceeds in a number of targeted actions of corporate social responsibility.

For example:

  • The layout of the land section of the port zone, from Ierotheou street up to Diakoniaris stream, as green areas that will include cycle track, climbing track, skate park, with the cost being covered by resources of O.L.PA. S.A.







  • The maintenance, cleaning, security and care of all other green areas and facilities were no port activities are performed, as well as the car parking area, with own resources of O.L.PA. S.A.
  • The concession of the above areas for the organisation of events to the Municipality of Patras and the social bodies, free of charge and in the framework of the relevant laws.
  • The creation of a 2,000m cycle track along the external fencing, at the South Port.
  • The provision and creation of sport facilities in the area of hte former “Piraiki – Patraiki” factory (Indoor Gym “S.C. Glafkos”)
  • The educational visits of elementary schools of the city, entitled “Discovering the port of my city”. In the framework of the program, the port was visited in 2012 by the following schools: the Elementary Schools of Vrachneika, the 60th Elementary School, the 22th Elementary School of Lefka, the 14thElementary School of Akti Dymaion, the 8th, the 56thand the 11thElementary Schools of Patras. In total, in the spring of 2012 the staff of O.L.PA. provided guided tours in the port to 368 children.
  • The tangible support of the Organisation to sensitive social groups with the provision of foodstuff in the Christmas and Easter holidays and the support of needy students with the provision of school supplies at the beginning of the school year.
  • The approval of sponsorships to clubs and associations, such as the SOPSY Association for Mental Health, the National Foundation for Restoration of the Disabled, the Educational Institution “Merimna”, the Charity Club “Kivotos tis Agapis”, the Large Family Organisation of Patras, the Parents’ Association of Children with Neoplastic Disease “Floga”, the Parents’ Association for the Education-Restoration and Professional Training of People with Mental Retardation “Oi Machites”, the Science Park of Patras, the club “Hamogelo tou pediou”, the Panpeloponnesian National Sports Centre of Patras, the Museum of the Historical and Ethnological Society of the Peloponnese, the Cycling Club of Patras, the Club of Environmental Awareness Volunteers ECOCITY, the Aeroclub of Patras, the Artistic Events Organisation OKPE.
  • The creation of O.L.PA. Blood Bank in 2010
  • The support of water sports, with
    1. the aid to the Sailing Club of Patras with the amount of 8,000€ for the purchase of a new offshore vessel in 2011 and the continuous support of the work of the Nautical Club of Patras – NOP
    2. the co-organisation of the Ionian Rally 2013
    3. the financial support of the Sailing Club of Rio “Iason”
  • The support of the AEGEE – European Students’ Forum for the promotion of the European idea, the increase of mobility and the creation of personal relations and friendship among young people.
  • The creation of temporary custody areas for immigrants and special groups of offenders, with hygiene and safety conditions at the North Port.
  • Delivery of a Jeep to the Coast Guard
  • The financial support of the Police of Patras for the repair of patrol cars.
  • Publication of album with the title “From Austroamericana to Calyfona and APPIA”.
  • The co-organisation of a fair of Traditional Professions, at the pier of Ag. Nikolaou street.
  • The co-organisation of a conference on climatic change, with the University of Patras.
  • The contribution in the expense for the accommodation of athletes with disabilities, in the framework of Special Olympics.
  • Economical contribution of OLPA S.A. to the creation of a children playground in the south park of the port area after relevant request by the City Municipality.